Golf Lessons

Golf Lessons


Whether you’re a youngster, a busy housewife, a desk-bound executive or retired – everyone can learn to play the game of golf at Penrith Golf Centre with the help of your qualified golf professionals.
There are various lesson options available. Please choose from the list below a package which best suits your needs:


Book Golf Lessons

To book any of our golf sessions either call us on 01768 892167 or click here to book on-line with Stewart. Descriptions of our lessons and packages are shown below though please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or specific requirements.


1. Individual Coaching

One to one lessons are available on a3/4 hr or 1 hr basis and are aimed at giving individual golfers the key areas to target to improve their games on both a short term and long term basis. If there are a number of target areas to work on in your game you may find that a more in depth course of lessons may help.

Adults Juniors
½ hr Individual Lesson £25.00 £18.50
1 hr Individual Lesson £40.00 £27.50

2. Short Game Lessons

A short game lesson will involve working on a specific area of your short game that you feel needs more than a 5 minute look over e.g. Individual Putting, Chipping & Pitching, or Bunker lessons which are becoming increasingly popular as more people realise the importance of the Short Game.

Adults Juniors
3/4 hr Individual Lesson £35.00 £18.50
1 hr Individual Lesson £40.00 £27.50

3. 1 hr Video Analysis Lessons

Seeing is believing, and a look at your swing with the help of the latest digital technology will give you a clearer minds’ eye picture of where in your swing or set-up is in need of the most attention. Analysis of Driving, iron play & short game gives you an overall idea of the areas in your game to work on with specific drills and exercises to make the necessary adjustments to achieve a greater all around consistency.

1 Hr Video Analysis Lesson £40.00

4. Golf Course Playing Lesson

An ideal way for any level of golfer to improve their game on the course. From the beginners lesson which will help gain an understanding of the basic rules of golf and golfing etiquette through to the need to focus on shot selection, reading of the greens and the mental approach all whilst focusing on your needs within the game.

So, whatever your level, a 1 hr playing lesson will help you not only understand your game, but improve it too.

Playing Lesson( incl. Green fees) £47.00

5. Group Coaching

A 1 hr Group Coaching session allows you to have a fun and informal look at both their full swing and short game through an hour of tips and advice with a PGA Professional. All levels of golfer can be catered for from starter to accomplished golfers in the same group.

This could be ideal for staff parties, birthday parties, or any groups of friends wanting to start playing golf together.

1 Hr Group Coaching Lesson price
Per Person for balls depends on numbers

6. Winter Evening Classes

During the Autumn & Spring terms what better way to avoid the depressing long dark nights at home watching the soaps, than improving or starting up golf at our floodlit 16 Bay Driving Range. Each term consists of a 9 week course working on various aspects of the golf swing and set-up each week.

Bookings for this class are made by calling (01768) 892167. Cost of an 6 week course is £40.00 + a weekly charge of £3.00 for each basket used, or a class special of 2 baskets for £5.

7. Ladies Classes

These are a fun, informative, no pressure class exclusively for ladies of any age & ability.
These are a roll-up class where there is no need to book, just turn up at the relevant time with the relevant clubs and off you go!! Each week tackles different areas of the game such as Longer Tee Shots, better Course Management, Bunkers etc. and depending on the weather the classes are taken on the golf course, the short game area, or the Driving Range.

Cost: £8.00 per head which includes Range Balls & a cup of coffee. Wednesday 10:00 to 11:00.

8. 3 hour intensive golf lesson

This is to include approximately an hours lesson on our driving range, an hour putting and an hour on short game or a few holes with the pro around our short course. All lessons will be adapted to the player and focused on areas to excel in. whether you are a beginner or someone looking for a bit of extra oomph this is an ideal way to get there.

For one person £90.00
For two person £60.00 each
For three people or more £50.00 each

if you require a more intense package please contact us and we can arrange a suitable day, time and lesson package for you.

9. Penrith Golf Centres Junior Academy (16yrs and under)

This takes place every Saturday with our PGA Stewart Wilkinson it costs £5.00 per person and includes coaching, ball and club hire.

10.30am Roll up class for up to 10 year old. This programme helps to focus them on hitting the ball then moving on to build up a golf swing.

11.30am girls academy class up to 14 year old. The academy class is a more structured coaching programme to help focus on the game in hand and development into playing on the course so everyone is ready when the time comes. This is broken into 6 week blocks with a competition at the end of each block of lessons.

12.30am boys academy class up to 14 years old (The academy class is a more structured coaching programme to help focus on the game in hand and development into playing on the course so everyone is ready when the time comes. This is broken into 6 week blocks with a competition at the end of each block of lessons.