Footgolf 1If you think golf but play football this is the basic premise of how the game works. It is suitable for groups of 2,3,4 or 5 to play together, great for families as we have smaller and lighter footballs for the kids.

When playing a hole, think of it as 2 or 3 good corner kicks and a tap in from the 6 yard box!!

The holes are slightly shorter than golf holes and like a golf hole there is a ‘par’, i.e. the number of kicks it is thought it might take to complete the hole. The final hole for the ball is 22″ wide, massive compared to a golf hole. For a score card and the general rules click here .

It is brilliant for a team building event and even a local sports college have brought bus loads to play.

New Video Released

Checkout our new video of the course and what we have to offer. See the course from above and fly over some of the holes.

For those curious about the new and ever-growing sport of FootGolf then the video is a must watch!

There is an international footgolf association, the UK body can be found at

New! FootGolf Leader Board

Think you've shot a really good round? Then why not hand your score card in and see if you can make it onto the leader-board for all to see!

Call us now on 01768 892167 to book your round or see our Facebook page for more news and details.

FootGolf 18 Hole Leaderboard

1KEITH HOUSTON344433242293233322332453
2DEAN BROTHERSTON322346243294323443322857
3LUKE SAVAGE433343233283433342342957
4DAVID TURLEY334443443323333433332860
5MARK LUCAS WINSPEAR443453343334333422432861
6LUKE BROWN443444333323443434333062
7GEORGE BIRTLE444245342324244443333163
8CHRIS BATY344454534346543442523367
9KYLE ADAMS433455353364453434323268
10ANDY PLUNKETT344356343354443454523570
11DAN BATY445455352374344543533572
12ANDREW CARDWELL334444264343454543553872
20DAVID O'DUNNEL435555464414474557544384

FootGolf 9 Hole Leaderboard

1KEITH HOUSTON17/10/1532333223324
2Shaun Dixon13/06/1431434423226
3=LUKE SAVAGE43334323328
5Adam Howey28/07/1433334433329
6LUKE BROWN34434343330
7Craig Goodfellow15/9/1443334535333
8James Nicholson15/9/1448334435438